Magic Ring and Chain Cool Magic Trick Props Metal Knot Ring On Chain

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This magic chain and ring knot is great magic props. The chain is held hanging through the center of the ring and the magician drops the ring. Instead of falling to the floor, it somehow links onto the chain! The magic performer first lets the steel ring fall from the upper side downward. This steel ring will automatically be caught into the magic chain to form a magic knot.


Effect: Let the steel ring fall from the upper side, the ring will form a magic knot with the chain automatically
Perfect gift for kids
Material: Steel
Chain Length: Approx. 48cm
Ring Diameter: Approx. 3.7cm
How to perform:

First: Use your right thumb and forefinger to support the chain in the center of ring that hold by your left hand, at the same time your right middle finger is close to your thumb
Second: Move the chain up and down the ring for several times by your right thumb and forefinger, when the ring is higher than your middle finger, quickly hit the ring by your right middle finger to turn it over, the ring will be hitched to chain automatically

Package Includes:

1x Ring
1 x Chain